• It's burning season! Here are some tips….

    So it's finally burning season, and people are enjoying the cool fall weather… time to burn some wood! For those who have purchased a Chimney Box, here are a couple of tips... First, the absolute best way to crank up your Box is to buy the fire logs at any grocery store, big box hardware store, etc. Duraflame and other brands are sold at these stores with an average cost of $3 to $4 per log. Throw one of those teepee style in the back of your Box, light the outside package, then load the Box with some seasoned oak, piñon, etc. Your fire will be roaring in less than 5 minutes!

    Second, you can experiment with your Box's placement relative to what the wind is doing. Windy days are not great for outdoor fires, but if the urge hits you ( or the wind picks up after you have committed to your fire), TURN THE BACK OF THE BOX INTO THE WIND. This orientation reduces the effect of the wind on your Box. 

    Enjoy the fall weather… our favorite time of year at The Chimney Box! But then again, we like deep winter when the leaves are off the trees in Texas and the Cedar Waxwings are searching for Yaupon berries…many perfect times to burn the Box. And the early spring, when life begins to burst forth again, the Dogwoods and Azaleas bloom, and evenings are cool enough to fire up the Box. And the late spring when school is winding down and summer is right around the corner, and a fire in the Box reminds us of Christmas and all the recent fun times. And early summer when the last few nights remain cool and crisp enough to fire it up again… and chase the early mosquitoes away with some Pinon smoke! And the late summer, because that's when we go to Telluride and burn more wood! Maybe we should rethink this "favorite time of year" thing… its all good!

    God bless and happy burning!

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