• And turn the back into the wind!

    Lets face it, some days and nights are too windy for an outdoor fire. But The Chimney Box handles wind better than anything we have seen. Because of its unique triangular shape, the user can control smoke better by TURNING THE BACK OF THE BOX INTO THE WIND. The wheels allow you to do this easily, and the stay cool handle allows this move while the fire is burning! We thought of everything!

    This is especially handy if you have already committed to a fire and THEN the wind picks up. Wind blowing into the face of an open fire is dangerous, especially in dry conditions, because the wind can roll embers out of the fire and ignite dry grass downwind (or your house, barn, garage, truck)… not good.

    The wind effects The Chimney Box less than open pits, chimineas, or bowls… just turn the back into the wind and you are good ( but never leave an open fire unattended… of course). Have another pop and enjoy the fire till it burns down. And snap a photo of your awesome Chimney Box and share it with your friends.

    Happy 2014 and God Bless!

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