• The best time of year for an outdoor fire

    I was visiting with a friend who observed that folks think about outdoor fires and fire appliances when it gets cold outside. I have found that to be true… but misguided. Our minds have pictures of sitting around the firepit when there is snow on the ground, like a scene from a Christmas card of old. But in reality, when it is that cold out, nobody wants to sit outside unless they have to... 


    The best time to enjoy an outdoor fire is when the temperature is above 40, all the way up to 60 or 65 degrees…that is all summer long out west in the Rocky Mountains, and on the beautiful Pacific coast… not to mention the Land of Lakes, the craggy Maine coast, on the banks of the Madison River in Montana, on the square in Santa Fe, the Davis Mountains in west Texas, the Smokeys of Tennessee, the Blue Ridge in the Carolinas, on the beach in the Hamptons, etc, etc, etc. So what we are saying is… enjoy your Chimney Box all year round!


    One of my fondest memories of Masters week was watching the replays out on the deck with a fire going… that was late April in Dallas!


    So crank up your Chimney Box and drink some good wine with friends after the ground hog comes out for good… that's when it can really get good! And piñon wood smoke will scare the mosquitoes away, even in July in Texas...

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