• The Chimney Box throws more heat!

    We did a controlled study for a prospective partner to prove that The Chimney Box throws more heat than the typical firebowl. They set the rules and we performed the test using a fluke meter, which is a laser thermometer. We placed a sheet of an organic substrate vertically at equal distances from each fire, and tested the radiant heat from each appliance at different time intervals. We used the same amount of wood from the same cord ( all seasoned oak) and the fires were burned simultaneously ( so the same external factors on each).


    Bottom line: after the fires burned for 30 minutes, the Chimney Box threw 167% of the heat that the firebowl threw… in other words… at the 30 minute mark, the substrate in front of the Chimney Box showed a reading of 203.5 degrees while the substrate in front of the firebowl registered 122 degrees. Objective proof that the design of The Chimney Box really works!


    Thought you guys would like to know that! 

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