• And so it begins....

     We have been working and tweaking this idea for numerous months, making 20 plus prototypes, and here we are. After a lot of input from retailers, resellers, interested family and friends... as well as a lot of comparison shopping for outdoor fireplace appliances on the "internets", we launch our idea into the world with hopes that design conscious consumers will find our product attractive and compelling. What we are sure of is that those same customers will like the way The Chimney Box performs as much as they like the way it looks. A handsome design that works well... and without a lot of effort. 

    It is our sincere hope that you find The Chimney Box a unique product that looks great and works better than anything else on the market. And we insure that The Chimney Box will be a "forever" purchase. It was designed with longevity in mind. Hand made in Texas, the components will never rust through or burn out. If they do, we will replace them.

     As we launch, we know there will be those that will try to copy us... a sincere form of flattery. We have patents pending on both the design and the utility of the product, but that wont stop everybody. Just remember, there is only one original. And we own the idea... a triangular shaped hearth that creates side walls that reflect heat, and extend naturally into a chimney that channels smoke away from the user. Walls that support a secondary burn plate that reduces emissions and burns cleaner. Legs that offer wheels so that the Box can be moved easily. A finish that gets better with age, and does not have to be coddled. And a fire that burns efficiently, throws heat like crazy, and looks beautiful. 

    We hope you enjoy our offerings... and that you share it with your family and friends. 

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