• How to set a great fire

     A quick comment on how to best use your Chimney Box...

    It is really important that you choose dry, seasoned wood to start and build your fires. Boy scouts are taught to start a fire with smaller, dry kindling gathered from the great outdoors... limbs that have dropped off of trees, broken into pieces that will fit into the back of the box. Start with a fire starting cube, a piece of store bought fat wood, or wadded up dry paper and place a nice pile of dry twigs and/or small branches on top of the starter laid in the back of the box "teepee" style. Ignite the first pile and add larger pieces as the pile starts to burn. Add larger dry and seasoned pieces as the fire builds and starts to create a bed of coals. It is the coal bed that makes the difference between a great fire and a dud. 

    ALTERNATIVELY, we suggest an easier and surer method of starting a great fire in your Box. Start with store bought charcoal, preferably "match light" or "presoaked". Throw a pile the size of a football in the back of your box and light it up. Once the coals turn white, spread them out a bit and set dry, seasoned logs "teepee" style on top of the white hot coals. Your fire will be roaring in no time. A bag of charcoal can be purchased in almost any town in America, so plenty of supply can be had for cheap. In fact, your Chimney Box can be enjoyed with only charcoal if you have run out of wood, or if no dry wood can be found. And if presoaked is not available, you can douse the dry charcoal with lighter fluid and start the charcoal that way. 

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