About Us

The Chimney Box is an idea that has been in my head for years. When the stars aligned, and with the help of Google Sketchup and a talented industrial arts patent attorney, we brought the idea to life. 

I have been an outdoorsman all my life and have had the blessing of traveling to many places in pursuit of my passion for outdoor activities. Those activities always included fire... for cooking, warmth and/or entertainment. The idea for The Chimney Box was spawned from those adventures.

Open fire pits and bowls invariably spill blue smoke all over the place, with no way to control where the smoke goes. On the rare evening when the air is still, a firebowl will emit its smoke straight up, and all is well. However, if the air is moving at all, you have blue smoke to deal with... and a pit or bowl throws most of its heat straight up. The traditional chiminea was designed with a chimney, but none that we have seen control smoke very well, and the chiminea throws very little heat. 

The Chimney Box throws heat and controls smoke better than other outdoor wood burning appliances. The design allows for several other advantages: it is easier to set, start, tend and clean than the traditional firebowl, fire pit or chiminea. It is also portable, with wheels incorporated in an attractive way. By virtue of the incorporated wheels and the "stay cool" handle, the Box can also be reoriented while burning, in the event that the wind changes direction, the sun sets, the football game comes on, or for any reason the user might have to want to change its orientation. 

The basics of the design are a triangular shaped hearth which necessitates that wood be set and burned "teepee" style. We have found that this is a better, more efficient way to burn wood... the Native Americans of the southwest knew this well. The triangular shape creates converging side walls that act as reflectors that push heat out of the front of the box. The converging walls also allow air vents to be located proximate to the fire source, which makes for more efficient combustion. And the walls create a natural chimney extension, affording better smoke control. 

Because of the proprietary design, The Chimney Box also burns wood more efficiently and cleanly. An interior baffle inside the chimney allows for the blue smoke to be burned twice, also known as secondary combustion...much like the catalytic converter in your car...so after the appliance heats up sufficiently, there is a noticeable lack of blue smoke emitting from the chimney. As a result, the user is putting less emissions in the air, which is always a good thing!

The Chimney Box's design accommodates gas log media, and provides a unique alternative to the current offerings available for consumers who cannot or chose not to burn wood. In combination with a Colorado-based company, we have designed a gas log package that drops into The Chimney Box... it creates a beautiful fire experience while still throwing a lot of heat. The combination is unlike anything we have seen on the market, and is especially well suited for apartment and condo balconies ( where allowed by code), restaurant and bar patios, and similar public venues. And the cost to burn is less than wood, as a 20 pound propane tank will burn for 12 to 15 hours, which equates to less than $2 per hour.

The Chimney Box is hand made in Texas and is designed to last for decades... made out of 1/4 inch, 1/8 inch and 14 gauge steel. It is a substantial appliance that will provide years of enjoyment in your backyard, on your boat dock, on the patio at your ranch house, next to your hot tub at the ski lodge... wherever you relax and enjoy family and friends. With it's natural rust finish, it requires very little maintenance. We offer a lifetime guarantee against burn out. And because it is portable, you can change venues often!

We appreciate your interest in The Chimney Box and invite your inquiries, as well as encourage you to share TheChimneyBox.com with your family and friends!  Happy burning, God bless and thanks for your interest.

Tom Goodson

Designer and Founder