Dimensions are 28 inches wide, 28 inches deep and 72 inches tall. The Box will burn standard 24" logs, the same dimensions you would burn in your fireplace inside.


1. Do I have to assemble the box?

The box is shipped fully assembled on a shipping pallet. Just cut it loose, flip the burn plate right side up and light it up!


2. What is the best way to start a fire? 

This is important! We have seen many an outdoorsman fail at starting a fire. Even Boy Scouts! An efficient way to start a fire in The Chimney Box is to use a fire starter log that can be purchased at the Big Box stores. Place the log "teepee"style in the back of the box, stack seasoned logs against it and light it up! You will be roaring in no time. Or, equally sufficient... start a bed of coals with store bought charcoal ( ready light or pre-soaked is best). Once the coals are white ( just as if you were starting a cook fire... about 10 minutes), add seasoned wood and presto... big fire! It is important to use dry and seasoned wood... even a Boy Scout has trouble with green, wet wood. Which is why there may be times that you build a fire using only store bought charcoal...burns hot, throws heat, and cheaper than Pinon! In fact, you can buy the flavoring wood chips at the big box barbecue aisle, soak a handful and throw them on a charcoal fire and still get that good wood smoke smell. Try it!


3. Can I cook or grill on my Chimney Box? 

We are working on a "tuscan grill" insert as an optional accessory. Stay tuned.


Update: We have decided that we don't need to be a cooking appliance. While we could incorporate a grill insert, and actually played with prototypes, the cooking process created grease marks and frankly made a mess. We will let you cook your steaks on the grill you probably already have, then enjoy a fire in The Chimney Box.


4. Why aren't there warning labels on the unit? 

We discovered that in the hearth and barbecue industries, there is a long standing precedent... if it is smoking and has fire in it, most humans are assumed to be smart enough to proceed with caution. Think about it... have you ever seen a barbecue pit, fire pit or chiminea with warning signs? 

Of course, for the little humans, we expect that there are big humans watching out for them... just like around the barbecue or fire pit. So dont leave The Chimney Box unattended when it is burning... common sense stuff. We will say it again...Never leave The Chimney Box unattended when a fire is burning.


5. Is there a front screen for The Chimney Box? 

There is a screen available for purchase separately. We are not shipping with screens because we have found most of the fires burn efficiently enough to reduce the amount of ember popping and negate the need for a screen in most applications. Moreover, The Chimney Box was designed to be able to turn the back into the wind, which reduces the effect of wind on the fire. Also, because of the design, logs cannot "roll" out of the box when stacked teepee style in the back of the Box. Of course each individual owner should assess where the box will be used and plan accordingly. Caution should be used when burning on decks, dry grass lawns, etc. 

6. How about a spark arrestor?


We tested spark arrestors and concluded that the best spark arrestor ( if deemed needed by the ultimate user ) is a piece of wadded up chicken wire from your local hardware store. Spark arrestors burn out quickly because they are exposed to a lot of heat, and a wad of chicken wire is easy to find, cheap to replace, and works better than a flat screen at the top of the chimney.  


7. Can you move the unit while it is burning? 

One of the unique design elements is the presence of a "stay cool" handle on the back of the box. The box can be reoriented using the handle in the event of the wind shifting or the user desires to reorient it for another reason. This can be done CAREFULLY while the box is burning... and applying common sense! Never try to move the unit to another location while a fire is burning, as you might burn yourself, someone else, or spill burning logs onto flammable surfaces that could result in injury to self and property...again, common sense stuff.


8. Why are you burning wood "teepee" style? 

Turns out, ancient civilizations knew what they were doing...wood burns more efficiently and lights more quickly when stacked teepee style. Fire laps up the side of the logs and has more surface area to ignite when stacked teepee style. Plus, with the design of the box, wood stacks easily and effortlessly into the v shaped back formed by the two side walls. It also results in a more compact coal bed, which means a hotter fire. And it means less tending as the logs fall into a tight pile in the back of the Box. But probably most importantly, it just makes a better looking fire.


9. My box is slightly different than your posted video and some of the photos on the site... what gives? 

We have tweaked many prototypes in order to make the box perform better and improve the manufacturing process. We might come up with another idea or two. Your box will be the exact dimensions of the prototype shown on the campaign video, made from 1/8 inch and 14 gauge steel, with a 1/4 inch burn plate. If we tweak any part of it beyond that, it is only because it will be better than the original. 

For example, you will notice that the boxes in the promotional videos had the logos cut on each side of the box, which acted as air vents. We got some feedback that we were "overbranding" by incorporating that feature. So we decided to rework the vents and have concluded a vent design that frankly works better. Also, the handle on the back has been redesigned from what you see in the promo video. We have incorporated a "stay cool" handle that is attached to the Box itself. It works better and it cannot be lost. 

The boxes ship with the steel pre-treated to begin the rusting process. This rust finish will continue to mature as the unit is exposed to the elements. The exterior will eventually mature to a dark reddish-brown patina... just like the old farm implement you see laying on the ground out in rural America.  Each box will mature a bit differently and will have subtle and unique surface color differences...gives it character. The back outside walls will also discolor as you burn fires... another character builder. Seasoned oak can burn at 1200 degrees F. That is hot! Moreover, you will notice that the 1/8 inch side walls might exhibit slight warping as you burn more fires, but that is natural and expected. You cannot burn through the side walls or the burn plate. We dare you to try! 


10. What is the warranty? 

We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty. If you burn through your Chimney Box, we will replace it. And because the burn plate is removable, you can order a replacement should you ever need it ( we are betting you won't).


11. Is this a "green" appliance? 

Your Chimney Box has a proprietary and patent pending "smoke diversion plate" inside the box that makes it a "greener" appliance. You will notice that after your fire gets cranking, there is a noticeable lack of blue smoke emitting from the chimney. The smoke diversion plate is designed to burn smoke twice inside the chimney, like your car's catalytic converter... less smoke, more green! With a chiminea or open firebowl or pit, the fire is spitting blue smoke out from the moment you light it until the last ember dies. Not so with The Chimney Box! It is important that you burn seasoned wood in your Box. Wet or unseasoned (recently cut) wood has a high moisture content and produces a high amount of smoke particulate. If you do not have access to seasoned wood, you can always burn store-bought charcoal. You can add the seasoned wood chunks sold at the Big Box or bbq store to the charcoal to get the aroma of a good wood fire. And the charcoal fire inside your Chimney Box will throw heat!

Because The Chimney Box is designed to be used outdoors, the ambient air pressure inherent in the great outdoors will always effect a fire appliance's behavior. Depending on wind conditions and placement, some smoke leakage out of the face of the Box is to be expected, but can be reduced by reorientation or relocation of the box to counter wind effects. The Chimney Box is designed to turn the back into the wind. When correctly oriented, The Chimney Box will control 80% or more of the smoke discharge of a fire, which beats a firebowl or pit all to hell.


12. Can I burn the Box indoors?

Like any combusting appliance, DO NOT BURN THE BOX IN AN ENCLOSED AREA. COMBUSTION OF ORGANIC MATERIALS AND/OR GAS LOG MEDIA PRODUCES CARBON MONOXIDE WHICH IS LETHAL. CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING CAN KILL YOU. Also, as mentioned earlier, do not burn wood in the Box under any overhang... a lot of heat is exhausted out the chimney and it can ignite your house, trees, or anything else that is directly over a burning Box. 


13. Are there gas logs available for the Box?

We have finalized a design for a special kit for the Box for those folks that live in areas where you cannot burn real wood ( or for those that do not want to mess with burning real wood). The kit will include a drop in plate that has a burner attached, and to which a natural gas or propane feed is attached  (instructions will be included with the set... but very easy to do). We searched around and found a supplier out of Denver that has designed a jet burner that rocks... puts out 12 to 16 inch inch flames, 12,500 BTU's per jet. We have not seen anything like it. Our specially designed kit has 3 burners, so it produces 37,500 BTU's. And a 20 pound bottle of propane will burn an average of 12 to 15 hours... so costs are less than $2 per hour to burn....cheaper than wood! The kit includes the drop in burner plate, connecting hose, lava rocks and a 3 log set specifically designed for The Chimney Box. 


14. How much does the Box weigh?

The Chimney Box weighs 150 pounds, which sounds like a lot, but it is surprisingly easy to move around when tipped headlong and pushed or pulled via the outside wheels. Speaking of wheels, we are utilizing steel wheels on the Box. We wanted a wheel that matched the look and longevity of the Box, which precluded us from using rubber or plastic wheels.

15. Can I use the wood I already have for my indoor fireplace?  

Yes, the Box is deep enough that you can burn standard 24" logs set teepee style. In fact, longer logs make a better looking fire in the Box. 

16. $1499? 

Ok, here's the deal. The Chimney Box is a substantial appliance that is a "forever" purchase. It will last for decades. We wanted to manufacture the Box in the USA ( more specifically, in the great state of Texas), so costs are naturally greater than if we went the Chinese route... you get what you pay for.
 As we compared competing products, we price out very competitively. Sure, you can buy a bowl or ring (made in China) at the Big Box for $199. But for those who are design conscious, who buy the high end barbecue pit over the rickety Chinese model, The Chimney Box is a unique appliance that looks cool, works great and lasts a long time. Many people have purchased The Box for the unique sculptural design, only to discover that it works as well as it looks! And hey, $1499 includes shipping!
If you search on the internets for alternatives, you will find that The Chimney Box is very competitive in price with other high end offerings. However, The Chimney Box is more versatile ( you can move it easily to different venues), performs better ( it controls smoke and throws more heat) and is more compelling aesthetically than any of the alternatives we have seen. If you agree, you will become one of our customers. If you don't, we appreciate your interest and wish you well!
16.Do I need to cover my Chimney Box when not in use?

The Chimney Box requires very little maintenance... it does not need a cover, and does not need to be "sheltered" from the elements. Just remove the burn plate when not in use so rainwater or snow does not collect inside the Box. Do not let wet ashes sit in the Box. Wet ashes are very corrosive and will do damage to the inside of your Box. If you accidentally leave ashes in the Box when it rains, try to scoop the ashes out as soon as you can, then spray the Box out with the garden hose.