Terms and Conditions

Before purchasing, purchaser must read and agree to the statements and indemnifications that follow:

The Chimney Box produces carbon monoxide when used with organic combustible materials or with other non-organic media such as ceramic or cement-based logs, balls, and similar products. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and can harm or kill humans and pets. Therefore, The Chimney Box must only be used in outdoor areas that are well ventilated.

The Chimney Box must never be used indoors, inside an enclosure or underneath any overhang (such as a ceiling, soffit, or any other overhanging item including trees or branches). The Chimney Box should be placed and used in an area that is not in contact with or can become in contact with any combustible material or materials, including flooring, walls, curtains, furniture or overhangs that might be combustible.

The Chimney Box will get very hot when operating and can cause severe burns if contacted when in use. Extreme care should be exercised when in use, the same care exercised when utilizing a stove, barbecue grill, fire pit, firebowl or chiminea.

Children should always be supervised when the Box is in use. The Chimney Box should never be left unattended when in use.

Caution should be exercised in the amount of wood or other combustible material utilized or burned in The Chimney Box as overloading can produce flames that can eclipse the height of the chimney.

The Chimney Box should not be used in conditions where high winds are or could be present. The Chimney Box should not be used in areas that are currently under a designated “burn ban” condition as declared by any prevailing governmental authority.

The Chimney Box weighs in excess of 150 pounds and can be tipped over if enough force is exerted against it. This could harm or kill humans and/or pets. Extreme caution should be exercised when using, reorienting or moving The Chimney Box. Moreover, care should be exercised when storing The Chimney Box when not in use, and it should be stored in an area that others cannot or will not cause it to tip over and fall from its otherwise upright inclination.

A “stay cool” coil handle is affixed to the back of the Box which can allow the user/users to reorient the Box in place during use. Extreme caution should be exercised when reorienting a Box that is in use. The Chimney Box should never be moved to a different location than its present location while in use.

A certified and UL -approved fire extinguisher should be available to the user/users when operating The Chimney Box, as well as a source of water to be used to extinguish embers or fire that might result from the use of The Chimney Box.

By clicking the “agree” button below, purchaser acknowledges that he or she has read the preceding disclosure and agrees with its tenets and further indemnifies The Chimney Box Ltd. Co. and its affiliates from any claims or liabilities whatsoever resulting from the use or misuse of The Chimney Box product/products, including any accessories sold under The Chimney Box label or its website.