"I am fired up about the Chimney Box! Like a YETI cooler, the Chimney Box is a durable, well-designed product that has redefined the standard for what we expect in the marketplace. As opposed to other outdoor fire pits, the walls of the Chimney Box direct heat to where you need it while minimizing contact with smoke. In addition, the heavy duty steel construction means it will last even longer than a YETI! It's a product my family and I will enjoy for years to come."

- Ryan Seiders | Co-Founder & President
YETI Coolers


Hi Tom:

Just wanted to thank you for The Chimney Box- Kenneth absolutely loves it. It has been a huge hit at our house! 

Kamela A.


I'm really enjoying the Chimney Box. Great addition to my patio that I should have done a while ago. I think I may become a salesman for you! I've given out your information several times and my girlfriend is a designer and builder. She loves it.

Scott R.



Enjoyed our first fire with our new Chimney Box. It was better than advertised! Love it!

Brett A.



Spent Saturday evening with friends and a bottle of wine around your Chimney Box. It was fantastic. I am sold.

Brian C.



I got the Box today! Tested it out. Exactly what I wanted…smoke control. The Chimney Box is a smoke whisperer. Worth every penny.

Danny Q.


Thanks for the follow up and information Tom.

We did receive the Chimney Box, and have enjoyed a couple fires on two cooler August evenings up here in the PNW. I appreciate the option we will have to clean out the ashes and use the convenient propane insert option at times.

I'll take photos and video in September and will forward to you, possibly along with an order request from my two separate groups visiting us from the Santa Cruz, CA area. ;)

Thanks again, you have designed a top notch product--I appreciate the design, performance, and sturdy construction. The natural finish complements our cedar deck beautifully.

We are elated.

 Frank F.


The Chimney Box has been the best accessory to our new house! Tom was so quick and helpful responding to all my questions and even delivered the Chimney Box to our house just in time for our Christmas party. The Chimney Box was the biggest talk at our party, especially when we roasted marsh-mellows for smores! We all loved being able to be outside by the warm fire and since the box is specially designed to burn the smoke twice, we didn't smell like a camp fire when we returned inside. The set up is so simple, I can start a fire for girls night without relying on my husband to be there to help. We have enjoyed every minute of using our Chimney Box and look forward to all the fires we will build in the future. Thank you, Tom for the great addition to our backyard!

Bailey L


Hello Tom!

Just wanted to drop you a note about the Chimney box I won at the Dallas Safari Club Convention silent auction last weekend. I saw the Chimney Box at the convention and have been looking for a firebox for some time but could not find any that I thought would provide heat, be versatile and last for more than a few seasons. When I saw your box in the silent auction area, it just kept grabbing my attention! I liked the attractive design and upon further study I knew that the gauge of steel would last for some time. I really liked the rust exterior because it would match my BBQ smoker that is needing painting and I will now just let it rust and start a whole new look on my outdoor living area lol.

Well as luck would have it, I won the bid in the silent auction and loaded it up Saturday night and brought it home to Longview. I placed it on my outdoor eating area where I thought it looked OK and fired it up with the logs that you had placed in it for display along with a few sheets of newspapers and had a roaring fire in a very short time. It was a rather breezy evening and the temperature got down to the low 40's that night, and I can tell you it made a very enjoyable end to a very long day.

I normally would have grabbed a glass of wine and sat outside for a few minutes but with the Chimney Box fired up I ended up spending a couple of hours on the patio and had a bottle of wine instead of one glass! Maybe it was the bottle of wine that made it more enjoyable, but I believe it was the Chimney Box that set the stage! 

I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment of your unique invention!

Thank you,

Thomas S.


Just returned from our lake house on Lake Palestine a few hours ago. The Chimney Box arrived in great condition and on schedule. The driver delivered it to our back patio and removed all of the shipping material, very nice guy. We really enjoyed the fires we had in it over the Christmas holiday and it worked as advertised. I had one last fire in it yesterday while working in the yard and it lasted for five hours with just a very few pieces of wood and almost no work on my behalf to keep it going. We are very satisfied and look forward to many years of enjoyment. Donna and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys being out side on cool evenings with a nice fire to enjoy.

Thanks again for your great design.

Jim J.


Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how thrilled that I am in using your beautiful masterpiece - The Chimney Box. The exterior is so attractive it acts as a piece of sculpture in my back yard and is the focal point of our patio area.

In the past we have had Chimineyas that got so hot they cracked. Or the open fire pit type that have to be so closely monitored, that you cannot relax around them for fear that someone might trip and fall in. Or those outdoor stainless steel heaters that make your yard look so commercial.

The design makes the smoke go up and out so no more smoke in your eyes. Also, the height of the unit directs the heat at waist level, not just down at your feet.

It was brilliant to put the Box on wheels so that it can easily be moved in all directions depending on where I have it set up in my back yard.

The best part is the clean up!! With the bottom piece being lifted out, you can thoroughly clean the Chimney Box with no mess or fuss.

Thanks for your creation of the Chimney Box. The perfect back yard addition to your living area.

Emily C.


We love the Chimney Box!
I purchased the Chimney Box as a Christmas gift for my husband and sons. It made a wonderful addition to our back patio, making it more welcoming and homey feeling. I am surprised at how much I personally love it. I knew the guys would think it was great - but I am equally a big fan. It is very easy to set up and get a fire going. It sends the smoke away and not into our faces. A couple of additional things I appreciate about it are, how easy it is to clean and the ability to move it around. I haven't needed to move it much but the fact that we can is nice. The color blends nicely with the outdoors. We hosted a casual outdoor dinner party for 60 a couple of weeks ago and the Chimney Box was a big hit.

Thanks for designing a wonderful way to enjoy a safe, cozy fire outside without all the expense and hassle of construction!

Cindi C.


I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I have been with the purchase of one of your Chimney Boxes. For several years I have been looking for an outdoor fireplace, but could never find the right location to build a permanent structure. In addition to an estimated $10,000 cost to build a stone fireplace, my backyard has many challenges due to the winds that circulate in the courtyard. I have had several chimineas and fire pits, but none of these options worked for my needs. The chimineas look good, but don’t produce any heat, and the fire pits do not funnel the smoke out of the area. The Chimney Box provided the best of both worlds. With its unique triangular design, utilizing the “tee pee” style of burning wood, the CB created a fireplace that provided a significant amount of heat while deflecting the smoke out of my courtyard area. Due to its size and design, I am able to start a fire very easily, use full size wood logs, and burn the wood extremely efficiently. In addition, the portability of the CB allows me to place the fireplace anywhere in my backyard to address the wind issues that constantly arise.

When I first used the CB for a party at our home, everyone was attracted to the CB’s good looks and the amount of heat that it generated. I like the fact that the CB is made of heavy gauge steel that will weather to a natural rust finish, and it generates heat like crazy. Besides the clean lines of the design, the main reason that I like the CB is that it just works. It is what I have wanted for a long time.

Stewart B.


The Chimney Box saved our party! The weather in Dallas can be so unpredictable. It became cold very quickly which meant that we were going to have to relocate the bar inside which we did not want to do. The Chimney Box is so much better than those gas operated heaters which are ugly and only throw heat out at your head area leaving your legs and feet cold. The Chimney Box radiates heat closer to the ground which is more like a fireplace and better for warming the body.

Susan O.


We placed 4 Chimney Boxes on the patio of our new burger joint in Ft Worth Texas and the boxes have kept patrons eating and drinking outdoors in the chilly weather. We are huge fans of the design, the heat and the ambiance that The Chimney Boxes create. Well done!

Shannon W.


I have had a lake house for over 20 years and during that time I've had several fire bowls, chimineas, etc. The Chimney Box blows them all away. I've burned no less than 30 fires since I got my Box. Starting a fire is very easy and cleanup is a breeze.

Jody L.


I bought a Chimney Box for my father for Christmas and he loves it! The look, the ease, the warmth, the low maintenance. He burns it often and he loves it. Now everyone in the family wants one! 

Kelly T.


I was initially drawn to the Chimney Box because it looked like a piece of sculpture. The clean lines, rust covered exterior and realization that it was a functional outdoor firebox made it a must have. I’d been contemplating building a permanent fire pit on my property but could not decide where to put it; the Chimney Box solves that issue with its maneuverability. Besides being a beautiful addition to the back yard, a huge benefit is the ability to turn the Chimney Box when the wind shifts so that you or your guests aren’t inundated by smoke! If you’re in the market for a fire pit, you cannot go wrong with the Chimney Box.

John V.


Like your other customers, I too am a big fan of backyard chimineas and fire pits, and currently have both. I can easily say the Chimney Box made both obsolete at my house. While the heat throwing component is excellent, I’ve got to say the viewing characteristics and ambiance of the Chimney Box are what make it special. Compared to chimineas, the viewing height and larger burn area are far superior. In addition, the Chimney Box can utilize normal fireplace size logs unlike chimineas that require smaller logs and chunks of wood. Throw in the unique triangular design and rusted exterior, and you’ve got great viewing experiences for years to come.

Bond B.


With an open-door policy, I use every inch of my home to entertain family and friends. The Chimney Box has helped our backyard become such a lovely gathering spot and an extension of my indoor spaces. Now, my outdoor area has a great vibe! As a designer, I also really appreciate The Chimney Box's clean lines. It has a super cool architectural elements that complement both traditional and contemporary style homes and landscape.

Cynthia C.